Aug 12, 2022

Beautifully embellished textiles from Her Works

Home Textiles from Laos

Her Works celebrates the beauty of handmade textiles made by women in Laos. Their collection integrates contemporary design and the unique traditional handicraft of the many ethnic groups of Laos. Techniques include backstrap loom weaving, hand embroidery and natural dyeing.

Fabric with glass beads
The collection includes textiles made using a backstrap loom, which is foot braced. The weavers of the Katu ethnic group, based in the South of Laos, use a distinctive technique to include glass beads in the fabric.

Local cotton and local natural dyes
The weavers of the Lue ethnic group, based in the North of Laos grow their own rainfed cotton, which is naturally dyed, hand spun, and hand woven. The cushion covers and throws are hand stitched by Hmong ethnic women, using elements of traditional costume for the embellishments.

Backstrap loom weaving
The Lawayam range of striped cushion covers and throws is coloured using natural dyes hand woven by the Krieng ethnic women, who live in Sekong province, in the southern part of Laos. The Krieng are well known for their backstrap loom weaving technique.

Women-owned enterprise
Her Works is a women-owned enterprise based in Vientiane, Laos, that wants to provide work and income for female artisans across Laos. Tookta, the owner, and the Her Works team have experience in designing and producing handmade textiles for the local market. Now, they are targeting the European market with a range of home textiles. Her Works manufactures relatively small quantities and is able to quote landed prices, which makes their offer suitable for European retailers.

The Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Counties, is running an export development programme in Laos. Irene is leading the Home Textiles programme on behalf of CBI and is coaching 11 small and medium sized entreprises in export marketing. They are guided in building their capacity, improving quality and product design and communication. Everything that makes their business model truly ready for working with international buyers.

If you are a wholesale importer or retail buyer interested to learn more about textiles and producers from Laos, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Because of Irene’s guidance, my product is now more customer-centric. Before, I just made what I liked"
- Tookta, Her Works Laos

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