Jul 6, 2017

Particles - new material developments for 18/19

Trend presentation Lidewij Edelkoort

For Autumn/ Winter 2018/ 2019 Lidewij Edelkoort delivered a tight, compact presentation called ‘Portraits’. She feels this focused vision reflects the current mood in the world; uncertainty of what to expect, no horizon and no depth. Craftscurator feels seeds for a hopeful future can be found if you take a very close look at things. Edelkoort’s active wear presentation did exactly that: it zoomed in on materials, highlighting particles. Craftscurator hand picked the best examples of handmade and sustainable material developments for home and interior for the next seasons.

  • Bacteria - fuzzy patterns, flock texture, microscopic patterns
    as seen in dotted fabrics by Kvadrat Raf Simons and Rohi, and dense felted wool by 13 rugs
  • Semen - spongy textures, spherical shapes, dizzying patterns
    as seen in upholstery fabrics from Kvadrat by Maharam, and translucent curtains by Nya Nordiska
  • Moss - velvety textures, compressed material
    as seen in small furniture by Black Cork
  • Algae - shiny surfaces, rubbery finishes and wavy patterns
    as seen in fabric by Aleksandra Gaca for Casalis
  • Pollen - layers, loops, stitches, and quilting
    as seen in a rug by Hella Jongerius for Kvadrat
  • Mushroom - rhythmic patterns, pleats and layers
    as seen in the pressed ceramics of Floris Wubben, and layered linoleum by Daphna Laurens for Baars & Bloemhoff
  • Lava - ashes, solified liquid rock and effect glazes
    as seen in ceramics by Arhoj, a lamp from Sabine Marcelis for Baars & Bloemhoff, and cotton based plaster by Buro Belen in collaboration with Rubia Natural Colours, Riga Verffabriek and Cottonmix
  • Sponge - airy knits and blown up shapes
    as seen in the spongy bowl by Studio Furthermore
  • Agate - layered and energetic, marbled and patterned
    as seen in marbled glass by Glass Italia and natural marble used by Ctrlzak
  • Pistils - curvy and spherical shapes, fringes
    as seen in ceramics vases by Matteo Cibic, and a fringy rug by Salem van der Swaagh

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Like looking through a microscope
by Raf Simons for Kvadrat
Dense felted wool
by 13 Rugs
Marbled effects in glass
by Glas Italia
Rhythmic patterns
Pressed ceramics by Floris Wubben
Solid as a rock
Lamp by Sabine Marcelis
Dense and soft materials
Black Cork furniture
Lava-like cotton based plaster
by Buro Belen
Spongey bowl
by Studio Furthermore
Layered linoleum material
by Daphna Laurens
Natural marble
by Ctrlzak
Pistil inspired vases
by Matteo Cibic
Pistil like fringes
by Salem van der Swaagh
Spongy textures
by Maharam for Kvadrat
Translucent curtain fabrics
by Nya Nordiska
Bacteria like patterns
by Rohi
Pollen like
Loop rug by Hella Jongerius
Algae like surfaces
by Aleksandra Gaca for Casalis