Mar 19, 2014

Orientations 2015

For PantoneView

Craftscurator is proud to have published her first forecasting post on handmade materials and techniques for 2015 for the trendwatching platform Starting with Lidewij Edelkoort's statement 'colour is materializing', it focuses on how new developments in materials, and innovation in techniques, changes the way colour is applied and experienced in product design. 

After publishing 12 reports for the Sustainability section of MaterialView, ColorView and WorldView, that include trend images, colour cards and background information, now a more indepth visual orientations post is available on the platform.

Unfortunately, this article is no longer available online.

Craftscurator's forecast
Chapter 'Handmade by Machine'
Exploring 3D prototyping techniques
Chapter 'Handmade by Recycling'
Looking into innovative re-use of material
Chapter 'Handmade by Nature'
Researching bio-materials
Chapter 'Handmade by Humans'
Highlighting inventive craft techniques