Dec 14, 2011

Lidewij's Touch and Thoughts

Trends for spring/summer 2013

'Bliss, spiritual moments in everyday life' is the title of Lidewij Edelkoort's latest trend presentation. She shared her thoughts on crisis, challenges and developments with a concentrated crowd in the Amsterdam Muziektheater. The visual presentation showed a fresh, light and airy mood, and had that unmistakeable touch of Li.

In the now
'A collection of thoughts' is what Lidewij Edelkoort called her new publication. According to Lidewij, many people are now convinced the crisis will continue to influence our lives. Facing the facts and accepting the status quo might be the best way to deal with the many challenges of our time. 'Bliss' is all about recognizing and cherishing special moments and things in everyday life.

Whiter shade of pale
The presentation showed attention to detail and meaningful innovation in fashion and textiles. The colour card was remarkable because all colours where matched with white shades, making it look very fresh, new and commercial. The visual presentation was not underlined with music, but with spoken words. This tone of voice matched the themes, rooted in spiritual mantra's

The touch of Li
Lidewij adds a clearly recognizable touch to her presentations. Themes such as 'household', 'country living' and 'edible garden' appear each season in different context. Her sober and understated touch suits the spring/ summer 2013 season very well; humble yet precious products are leading. Also mentioned in Craftscurator trendupdate 'Sustainable Sophistication'. Lightweight and simple cottons and monogrammed bed linnen. Hemp or linnen tea towels with bold stripes.

Nuts for Knits
Lots of matt or semi shiny yarns that show irregularities, making textured textiles. Everything handmade, especially in embroidery. Lidewij stated that the trend in chunky knits had started in the interior, and then influenced fashion. Interesting, a first time that ever happened.

No mode
An interesting theme 'The Escape of Fashion' showed a different approach to creating fashion. Worn and torn materials are used to try new shapes. Clothes are draped around the body. This casual and understated look is a type of anti-fashion. Here the search for the supernormal and the essential are visualized.

Aesthetic ethnic
A surprising element in Lidewij's presentation was the theme 'The Sampling of Cultures'. Many folkloric and ethnic prints were shown in a new context. Lidewij proved that by adding white to the traditional patterns, a fresh and new design is created. Very different from the rich and intense colour combinations ethnic prints usually show. Lidewij believes a dialogue between cultures will create a new and merged imagery. A contemporary aesthetic for the ethnic. How exciting!

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Sober and Spiritual
Church interior by Mathieu Lehanneur
Shades of White
Mosquito net made of hair by Ellis Droog
Hemp and Linnen
Tea towel by SCP
Patched and reclaimed rugs
By Danish brand Private 02 04
Social Spaces
Community table, Overtreders W
Chunky Knits
By Bauke Knottnerus
New Nigerian Textile Patterns
By designer Banke Kuku