Aug 9, 2022

Handmade Highlights Milan 2022

Zooming in & Zooming out

Buzzing with excitement Crafscurator travelled to Milan for Salone del Mobile 2022 and saw designers and brands presenting their new collections with so much joy and enthusiasm. In product design, creators spent a lot of attention to detail. Innovative textures and new material developments. Remarkable was the application of these objects in spatial and interior design. A return to more traditional styling with drapery and decoration. Craftscurator spotted the three following trends.

Whether they were woven textiles, hand carved wood, or pressed ceramics, many objects had beautiful texture. Designers have been zooming into the material, looking for the best way to treat and finish it. Shapes often were modest, and patterns quite geometrical, allowing the texture to take centre stage.

In 2019, Craftscurator spotted a return of carpets and upholstery fabrics in the interior, and we can now add drapery to this list. Textiles are used to make dramatic statements in interiors. Fibres raw and brittle, copper wire and recycled yarn are used in new woven fabrics. Lee Broom uses draped textiles in his lighting objects. All soft and quiet, but with great visual impact.

No designer seems to be afraid of red, yellow and blue. Nor for using it abundantly in product design. Colour was boldly applied, but with respect for the material and its features. Hermes made a statement with their water towers made of handmade paper. Thonet used bold matching colours for their furniture consisting of rattan, wood and upholstery fabric. Many brands combined bright colours with natural fibres and untreated raw materials.

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Colour Statement
Hermes Water Towers
Colour by Ames
Natural fibres and brights
Colour by Thonet
Solid and bold
Drapery by Verdi Design
using sturdy yarn
Divine Drapery
Lee Broom lighting
Recycled yarn
For rugs by Nanimarquina
Texture in ceramics
by Atelier Vierkant
Texture in tufted fabrics
by Jov Design
Texture in wood
by Zanat