Mar 14, 2022

Home Positivity

Three trends for the Twenties

Let’s face it, we can all use some optimism right now. We are happy to see innovators in our sector that do not shy away from global challenges. In interiors, we see mindful, positive and expressive concepts. We see designers finding innovative solutions for sustainable production. We see consumers craving feel-good aesthetics: pleasant to the eye as well as to the touch. Here is a sneak peek of 3 developments in the handmade sector.

Inventive – circular design and sustainability in production
Designer Borre Akkersdijk has launched a digital platform and knit development hub to allow for clever textile design, rapid sampling and on-demand local production. With interior brand Natuzzi, ByBorre created a range of upholstery textiles.

Sensitive – well being, feel-good aesthetics in spaces that care for body and mind
House of Grey designed a mindful workspace, with lots of textiles for tactility. It showcases the work of handmade textile house Stitch by Stitch, who work with hand weavers in India on thoughtful design.

Expressive – fun and escapism, enjoyment in design. Celebrating traditional and ethnic patterns, antiques and heirloom pieces.
Interior architect India Mahdavi is focused on expressions and collaboration. For her Project Room, she invited makers and artists from all over the world to come and decorate the space. Les Crafties made the textiles for this project, while Chris Wolston designed the wicker chairs.

Are you a purpose-driven innovator? Tell your story!
Craftscurator is currently working on presentations on market developments in handmade and sustainable design. Our research focuses on purpose-driven brands. So, if you have a product with impact or a business model that makes a difference, tell us your story!

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Inventive knit production
ByBorre x Natuzzi
Sensitive and positive aesthetics
Stitch by Stitch x The Grey House. Photo Rory Gardiner
Expressive and joyful design
India Mahdavi x Les Crafties x Chris Wolston