Jul 14, 2014

Heimtextil Trends 15/16

Focus on Sustainability

Craftscurator is happy to announce her contribution to Heimtextil's new website and Trend Show for 2015/ 2016. In collaboration with leading design studio Stijlinstituut, Craftscurator will highlight trends and developments in sustainable home textiles. A first post called 'Natural Treatments, Magical Effects', on vegetable dyes, is now online on the brand new website. For the Heimtextil Trend Show, a selection of innovative sustainable textiles will be made, and displayed in the exhibition in January 2015.

Craftscurator wrote 9 posts on sustainable textiles for the Heimtextil website

  • 'Natural Treatments, Magical Effects' - on vegetable dyes
  • 'Deep Sea Sourcing' - on natural and renewable materials
  • 'Eclectic Re-Use' - on upcycling
  • 'Net Works' - on recycling of material
  • 'Crafting Precision' - on social manufacturing
  • 'Dyeing Without Water' - on efficient manufacturing processes
  • 'Energy- generating Curtain' - on product performance
  • 'Re-Tweed' - on local manufacturing
  • 'The Finishing Touch' - on user experience

The new 'Theme Park' with a variety of design and future-oriented themes will be staged in Hall 4.0 at the next Heimtextil (14 to 17 January 2015). This means the Trend Show will move from Forum 0 to the middle of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre and, even at this early stage, the contents of the new event highlight of the trade fair for home and contract textiles are beginning to emerge.

Heimtextil, the world's leading trade fair for home and contract textiles, is branching out in new directions. Under the heading 'Experience', Heimtextil exhibitors and visitors can discover the latest developments in the world of textile design in a more emotional, intensive and comprehensive presentation than ever before. "We believe that people want to attach an emotional value to their actions. Consumers do not simply want to go into a shop and buy a product. What they want to do is enjoy the shopping experience with all their senses. Specifically, this means a shop must be more than just a sales outlet for products. In the shop, customers should find a visionary setting that grabs them emotionally and, metaphorically speaking, takes their breath away. In this way, tomorrow's shopping experience will be a real pleasure", explains Anne Marie Commandeur of Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, the design studio responsible for the planning and management of the 'Theme Park' concept.

An important part of the 'Theme Park' will be the 'Material Gallery', which includes a selection of the exhibitors' fabric collections and offers an overview of the latest home-textile trends – categorised by the trend themes for 15/16. There will also be a 'Colour Pavilion' showing the latest colour trends. For the Pavilion, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam will choose trend-setting products from the ranges of Heimtextil exhibitors and use them to illustrate the current state-of-the-art. Parallel to this, a programme of lectures with renowned speakers will provide supplementary information about the latest trends. Moreover, the designers will create outposts around the fair, to act as showcases for the 'Theme Park'. These showcases will transfer the themes to the individual exhibition halls and not only generate additional impulses but also provide examples of specific applications for the various product groups.

An important part of the new trend concept is a new website at www.heimtextil-theme-park.com. There, users interested in the latest trends can obtain inspiration about tomorrow's design themes. With numerous photos and videos, the website gives visitors the opportunity to find out about the Theme Park at the coming Heimtextil at an early stage.

Jan 14-17, 2015 Heimtextil, Frankfurt, Germany Trade Fair

Craftscurator is contributing to the Trend Show for 2015/ 2016, will guide tours around Theme Park hall 4.0 with a focus on sustainability at 11.30 on January 14, 15 and 16, and will give a trend presentation on sustainable home textiles on January 16 13.00-13.45

Chroma Color by Svenja Bernhold
Textiles dyed with extracts from 15 plants
Heimtextil Trend
Heimtextil Trend
Chroma Color by Svenja Bernhold
Rich and deep color effects created with vegetable dyes
Chroma Color by Svenja Bernhold
Vegetable brights
Heimtextil Trend
BlueRed by Buro Bélen
Experiments with indigo blue and rubia red on velvet fabrics

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