Oct 30, 2013

Craft-led Dutch Design

Financial Times article

Craftscurator was interviewed on the role of crafts in Dutch Design. 

Irene shared her insights on how designers are now moving away from conceptual design to more hands-on and down-to-earth design. She pointed out craft and tradition may be a starting point, but are used for real innovation.

Dutch designers Lex Pott, Scholten and Baijings and Daan Roosegaarde also share their thoughts on their work and the state of Dutch design.

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"How Dutch designers are adopting a craft-led approach"
by Trish Lorenz for Financial Times
published on October 25, 2013, during Dutch Design Week

Example of craft-led innovation
Oxidation effects by Lex Pott
Article on the role of crafts
In innovation and Dutch design